Never taken a pole fitness class before?  This is the class for you!  In this 75 minute lesson you will learn the fundamentals of pole such as walking, basic spins, floorwork and mounting/climbing the pole.  Intro to pole will build your strength and body awareness to prepare you for the next level! (WE REQUIRE TAKING AT LEAST 3 INTRO CLASSES BEFORE LEVELING UP w/ Instructor approval)


POLE level 1

It's time to take the things you learned in INTRO to the next level!  Spins, transitions and climbing will build strength and fluidity to move seamlessly up and down the pole.  You also will be taken through form, conditioning and strength based exercises which will prepare you for inversions learned in Level 2. (PreReq: taken at least 3 INTRO classes or attended classes at a different studio)


Spin level 1

Want a new challenge?  Try the spin pole!  In this class you will apply what you've learned in Intro/Pole 1 to spin pole (pole continuously spins).  Become familiar with the stability and technique that spin pole requires while learning creative transitions and fluidity to advance onto Spin 2. (PRE-REQ: 3 LEVEL 1 CLASSES COMPLETED)


Pole level 2

It's time to go upsidedown!  In this class you will learn inversions including moves like Chopper, Butterfly, Leg Hangs, Layback, Shouldermount and much more while continuing to learn intermediate spins, climbs, transitions and handstands! (PRE-REQ: INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL NEEDED FOR CLASS - ASK YOUR INSTRUCTOR IF YOU’RE READY TO LEVEL UP)


Spin level 2

In this class you will learn high intermediate/advanced moves, climbs and transitions as well as inversions to create seamless combinations up and down the pole. (INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL)


Pole level 3

At this level students should be comfortable with inverting from the floor as well as aerially.  Handsprings and other “2-points of contact” moves will be the focus of this class, as well as building longer, more advanced combinations on the pole. (INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL)


pole level 4

Advanced combos, spins and aerial transitions executed on both static and spin to really get your blood pumping! (INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL) 


This class begins with foam rolling, teaching you how to release your tense muscles before beginning Flexibility training.  During the flexibility portion, we take you through active stretching to improve muscle stamina, body awareness, as well as teach you proper technique and practice so you can gain flexibility and have the knowledge to apply what you’ve learned outside of class! (ALL LEVELS WELCOME)


Exotic Pole

Learn the art of dancing in heels and move your body like never before. This class will teach you sexy pole and floorwork, body rolls, grinds, hair flips as well as choreography to seductive tunes. Strap on your heels and let's bring sexy back! (PRE-REQ: THREE LEVEL 1 CLASSES COMPLETED)


This class is for what to do with that space between the pole. Focusing on adding contemporary, lyrical and jazz dance technique to your pole vocabulary. Each week we will build your dance technique with dynamic movements, move across the floor with leaps, turns, simple acrobatic tricks and learning a choreographed routine!  (PRE-REQ: THREE LEVEL 1 CLASSES TAKEN)