National & International Pole Champion

Maggie, owner of Paradigm Pole Fitness, has been involved in athletics (soccer) throughout her entire youth. In 2012, She sought to expand from a foundation of cross training and conditioning to an expressive art form of precision, strength, grace, and beauty, and began enrollment in pole dancing.  Maggie fell in love, went from pupil to lead instructor, and in that same year, avid competitor. Her determination, forward thinking, and thorough teachings have earned her a loyal student and fan base.   She is deeply dedicated to improving her teaching, continuing education and helping her students realize all the amazing things they are capable of!


2016 Miss Pole Dance America - 2nd Place

2015 Pole Classic @ Pole Expo - 1st Place & People's Choice

2015 US National Pole Championships - 1st Place

2015 Atlantic Pole Championships (regional qualifier) - 3rd Place

2014 National Aerial Pole Art (Neo) - 1st Place & Most Athletic

2014 Atlantic Pole Championships L4 - 1st Place





Sammy has been poling for 4 years, she came to Paradigm for a fresh start. She has been dancing since the age of 3 doing tap, jazz, ballet and acrobatics. Performing in various dance competitions in her teens. She is happy to share her love of pole and welcoming the intro students!


2016 Arnold Classic Amateur - 2nd Place


A stale at-home yoga practice led Jill to search for a new way to move and she fell in love with pole during her first class. Now she can almost always be found in the studio--she'll be the one in heels and holding a Starbucks cup. 

Jill specializes in low flow exotic movement and loves to welcome students to the world of exotic and heels. She favors a slow, sultry style that allows students the space to explore what feels good to them. 


2018 PSO Northeast Exotic L2 - 2nd Place



Dashiell has attained titles in both aesthetics and aerial competitions.  She received her 200hr Yoga teacher training with Wild Abundant Life and studied anatomy as well as athletic training at Fine Mortuary and BSU. Dash teaches movement fundamentals to help clients achieve confidence, strength and power that will guide them beyond the gym.


2016 PSO Northeast Professional - 1st Place

2015 WBFF Bikini Pro

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”

-Friedrich Nietzsche